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Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP
8th December 2016 
NAMASTE: Centre of Healing
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Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #01

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching with NLP, in Essex

Many of us have grown up believing that it is not okay
or safe to be who we truly are: brilliant, wise, beautiful,
compassionate and caring humane beings.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #02

Looking at old family and cultural scripts about ourselves and others

We may have grown up with limiting beliefs from
childhood on through repeated putdowns from family,
teachers, peers and others whenever we expressed
our real feelings and beliefs about ourselves
and others and the world around us. So we learned
to put ourselves in boxes - limited by social and
cultural beliefs about age, gender, class and race
differences, sexual orientation, and differing
mental and physical abilities.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #03

Growing up to believe that we were separate and different from others around us

We learned about 'insiders' and 'outsiders';
and, if we were continually put down, we may
have come to believe that we - and others
like us - were somehow inferior. This is clearly
not true.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #04

The same Life Force or Spirit inspires each of us

and we are deeply connected at heart
and soul level with every
other being on the planet. We are all here
to fulfil our life's purpose, find our true path,
learn necessary lessons, and share the journey -
as joyfully and lovingly as possible - with our
travelling companions.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #05

Many people get stuck in Hurt or Helpless Child mode, believing that is all they are.

It may be that we have had deeply traumatic
experiences in childhood: abandonment, rejection,
neglect, abuse of all kinds. So we grow up
expecting more of the same, since our Child Selves
have come to believe that such maltreatment is all
we deserve.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #06

The reality is that we are unique, yet deeply connected.

None is superior or inferior: we are both
flawed and beautiful - like the sparkling
crystals found in stone geodes, perhaps
dull and jagged and ordinary-looking
on the outside, but beautiful within;
each uniquely different in size and shape
and colour from every other such stone,
each to be valued for itself.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #07

You can be helped to make positive changes in your life

Changing our Life or Family Scripts can feel
impossible since such belief patterns are
often buried deep in our subconscious.
So, even when we consciously want a better
life for ourselves, we seem to somehow attract
more bad experiences, abusive treatment,
and suffering - which serve to reinforce
these negative beliefs about who we really are.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #08

We all have healing resources

Reclaiming our birthright as humane
beings - our magnificence and
capacity for joyfuland creative living -
is always possible. We can each take charge of our
lives in the present, heal from past hurts, and move
on to create the kind of life and relationships
and world we really want for ourselves.

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #09

Inspirational Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Essex,

with Inner Child Healing and NLP,
are professional services which can
help you to work at different levels
through the various stages of this
healing process:

- Deciding for yourself what you really want in life
- Exploring your belief patterns
- Letting go of disabling hurts and negative beliefs
- Learning and practising new self-empowering beliefs
- Working towards clearly-defined goals of your choice
- Developing mutually supportive relationships
- Creating a joy-full life for yourself

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #10

For more information, contact:

Alexandra Maeja Raicar, M.Sc., CQSW, D.Inf.MH.,ECP
UKCP-registered: Attachment-based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist;
Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner; EFT and EmoTrance practitioner; and metaphysical counsellor; Therapy Supervisor

Sessions are available in Billericay, Essex
Telephone: 01277 654351

Coaching,Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP #11

Medical Advice and Treatment should be sought, as appropriate.

Please note that 48 hours' notice of cancellation is required; otherwise, the full session fee is payable.