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EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy
8th December 2016 
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EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy

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EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #01

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EmoTrance and Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy acknowledges
links between Mind, Body and
and the need to treat
the root causes of dis-ease:
not just the symptoms.
Crystals are specially selected
to relate to the client's need,
and to act as a catalyst for

EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #02A crystal therapy session can take up to
an hour, starting with relaxation, to help
the client become more receptive to the
healing energies of crystals. The therapist
will already have taken a brief client history
to ensure that there are no contra-indications
to using crystals - such as pregnancy, the use
of alcohol or drugs, or some serious physical
or mental health problems.

EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #03

Reactions to crystal healing are varied

and may range from feelings of "deep calm"
and "peace" to "being energised" or "tired",
or even falling asleep.

Relief of physical symptoms may sometimes
be felt at once, or be noticed more gradually.
Crystal healing can have a powerful impact,
occasionally lasting for days.

EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #04Clients are advised to allow
themselves enough time after
a session to maximise the
benefits of crystal healing.
Rest, drinking water and eating
light nutritious food all help
the healing process of ridding
the body of toxins.

EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #05
Crystal therapy is NOT a substitute for necessary
medical treatment, which clients should first seek appropriately.

Clients are encouraged to keep in touch with their GPs
throughout the period of treatment. Enquiries and referrals
from medical and health professionals are welcome.

EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #06Maeja has trained in crystal therapy
for three years, and is a full member of ICCH
(the International College of Crystal Healing)
in Canterbury, Kent. ICCH is a member of the
Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO).

Maeja is an EFT and EmoTrance practitioner and also an experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist(UKCP registered), a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner(INLPTA), and a metaphysical counsellor.

Enquiries to: Alexandra Maeja Raicar, M.Sc., CQSW, D.Inf.M.H., M.ICCH
Telephone: 01277 654351 or e-mail: catnamaste@aol.com

Sessions are available in Billericay, Essex.

Please note that 48 hours' notice of cancellation of appointments is required; otherwise, the full fee is payable.
EFT, Emotrance and Crystal Therapy #07